Product No: SNAOC20V301D
Product Name: Micro to Micro HDMI fiber cable
Micro to Micro HDMI fiber cable for HDMI2.0b. When with D-A adapter, can work as Standard HDMI. Thin and Flexible. No signal delay.
D-Type Plugs plus D-A adapter for standard HDMI ports. 4 different working modes for Micro and standard A HDMI ports.
Provide higher speed than copper HDMI cable;
L:6m-100m for 4K2K@60Hz transmission;
Chroma Sub-sampling 4:4:4/4:2:2/4:2:0.(8 bit for 4:4:4 and 10 bit for 4:2:0 color depth);
Ideal solution when copper HDMI can not transfer 4K@60Hz for long distance;
Provide the best A/V quality for HDMI 2.0b specification with 18Gbps bandwidth;
Supports HDR/ARC/HDCP2.2/3D/CEC/EDID/.
EMI-FREE and No signal loss in high noise environments

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